If your website is about social networking where users ought to connect and interact with one another, BuddyPress may be a good tool to start with. An open source social networking plugin that works with WordPress, BuddyPress can transform your simple e-group website into a social networking platform. Anchored to the concept of social connection and communication, BuddyPress offers a wide range of application including social networking for schools, companies, religious communities, and even dating sites.

Written in PHP and MySQL and adopting the integral functions and elements of the WordPress platform, BuddyPress also comes with themes, widgets, and plugins that help in customizing your social networking site. It features a large library of different plugins with various functions. Likewise, it is versatile, robust, and very easy to use.

Because of its solid foundation, easy customization, and robust functionality, we at Simple Intelligent Systems believe that BuddyPress is here to stay and will go a long way in supporting social network applications and websites. Hence, we make sure that we can be of help to you and your social and online networking needs. We specialize in designing, BuddyPress Development , and implementing custom BuddyPress websites.

Following are the BuddyPress development solutions that we offer:

BuddyPress theme development

BuddyPress design integration

BuddyPress plugin development

BuddyPress plugin installation

BuddyPress modifications

BuddyPress integration and template design

Conversion to BuddyPress

BuddyPress customization and development

BuddyPress extension development

BuddyPress application support and maintenance

BuddyPress SEO

BuddyPress landing page design

Migration to BuddyPress

PSD to BuddyPress conversion

QA and testing of BuddyPress applications


If you or your organization is in need of a professional team that is skilled and competent in providing BuddyPress development solutions for your brand, contact us. We would love to assist you in any way we can!