Hourly Website-Maintenance and SLA

Welcome to Simple Intelligent Systems, your one-stop shop for managing your web design projects. Our system is the ideal choice for web design agencies with many ad hoc updates to handle and large and complex tasks whose costs cannot be computed easily. Our fees remain the most affordable in the market and charged on hourly basis. Here is our pricing structure:

  • Basic rate of $15/ hour for ad-hoc web based work
  • $13/hour for clients with minimum usage of 10 hours per month
  • $12/hour for web development agencies which can use the system for at least 40 hours per month

This is not the lowest about our costs! Clients with bigger work volumes can contact us, and we will be able to work a rate that is best for both of us. We guarantee that you can get real value for your money.

Maintenance and SLA Packages

We guarantee our clients the highest service level agreement in the industry. We pride ourselves at being one of the premier choices for web design agencies who yearn for support from professionals who take pride in going an extra mile to deliver fantastic results. Below are our maintenance and service level packages.

Enjoy peace of mind with our Website Maintenance service Packages.


This offers 50 hours of website maintenance at a cost of $500

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Provides 100 hours of site maintenance work at just $900

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Customers enjoy 150 hours of website maintenance at $1,200

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Our average turnaround time is 3-5 days, and our packages have a validity of one year. Our highly responsive teams will make sure you enjoy a high-quality service.

Advantages of Using Our Maintenance and SLA Packages

  • Guaranteed timesheet accuracy, therefore helping you invoice your customers correctly
  • Our services are cost effective. The more hours you use our platform, the more amount of money you save. Also by upgrading to the gold standard, you can save a whopping $7/hour
  • We adopt a 15 minute incremental billing system which delivers you more benefits in the long run
  • To help you have a taste of what we are capable of, we will work for you for an hour and send you the completed task before you pay us a penny! Afterwards, we can bill you at the month end

What’s covered under our Maintenance Package?

  • Posting new and fresh content, including SEO
  • Optimization and posting of your images
  • Updating site’s software when new versions are released
  • Adding more email accounts
  • Posting new links and responding to requests by webmasters
  • Monitoring forums, checking spam and comments
  • Performing repairs in-case of hacking attack
  • Performing site migration tasks
  • Handling Photoshop chores

Getting Started

To get started, drop us an email at info@simpleintelligentsystems.com and we will be glad to help you get started. We will strive to ease your agency work and offer you a life long experience