Local online search is the latest and greatest way to find local businesses in your city or neighborhood. Search engines are now giving precedence to small, local businesses with new ‘Local Search’ functionality. Due to the interaction between Hummingbird and the Venice update local SEO will have more opportunities to capture local traffic, as more and more keywords now trigger local results.

At Simple Intelligent Systems, we prepare and implement a local SEO campaign that is well constructed, effectively managed and fited perfectly in the local search ecosystem.

We use best local SEO strategy and tools to drive local targeted traffic to your website that can convert visitors into customers.

How we do it


It is important for your business to be found in the search engine maps and organic search results if you are a local business. Prospective customers are looking for local businesses & services online. Internet Marketing can help you connect with prospective clients and grow your business.

Search visibility that converts – Globally proven strategy works perfect for local advantage.


Improve your business’s chance of being found by local customers. Our team is available to answer your questions or help you start building your Search Engine Optimization campaign.