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Missing quality leads due to lack of local search presence of your website will be a thing of the past now.

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    Benefits of choosing Our Local SEO packages:

    • Our local SEO packages increase your website’s ranking on Google and other search engines.
    • Our SEO packages fetch you more leads and have the best rate of conversion.
    • Take control of mobile search results so that your potential customers find you in the top tier.
    • Get your local business enlisted in Google My Business, search engines, local directories, and across social media platforms.
    • Get displayed on third-party apps and other navigational apps with the help of Google Maps.

    Local SEO services can ensure that you are visible to your customers locally, and you hold a preference for customers in your neighborhood. Without local SEO services, your business could miss out on some of your most qualified traffic, and in turn, miss out on sales. If you’d like to speak with a local SEO specialist, you can reach us.

    We offer

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    Reviews Acquisition

    Stream latest and most significant reviews to depict social presence on media.
    Share positive reviews as valuable social media content. Through customer reviews, you can do the most useful bit of marketing for your company. Optimize review volume on Google, Facebook, and the industry-specific review sites that are of significance to you.

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    Building Citations

    Local directory citations are the heart of local SEO. Our careful, manual submissions, ensure you are in the BEST directories. Local directory citations are not the mere standard directories. Every single campaign is different, and we consider three strategies for determining which directory to submit to for that particular client.
    We consider the most important directories where possible. Some lists need to be verified by the client either through a phone call or other means and then convey a transparent report including all login info.

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    On-page Optimization

    We, as an SEO marketing company, work to optimize your meta information like title, description, and keywords to improve your site rankings. Our SEO professionals, through image and hyperlink optimization, add few links to the main keywords from your published text, making your site more noticeable to the users.

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    Keywords Research

    We can help you with keyword suggestions and targeting for your business if you find the task cumbersome.

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    Mobile Optimization

    A mobile-friendly website will shrink its pages for viewability on mobile devices. Through mobile optimization, visitors have a seamless experience on mobile devices.

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    Niche Link Building

    Our SEO professionals have immense skills in content creation and content marketing. Hence, our SEO services work towards building strong links for the website.

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    Our Process


    How can Local SEO services help in scaling my local business to new heights?

    Phonebooks and bulky directories are a thing of the past, and online search engines have taken over to fulfill the local search requirements of the users. Your local business has to do local SEO to present itself to the local consumers. Our analysis shows that more than 95% of the US population search online before walking into a store. 80% of them use search engines for online searches. These statistics suggest the importance of Local SEO for your business to be visible online.

    How can I choose the best SEO package for my business?

    We provide bespoke plans according to the business and its marketing goals.

    Do affordable local SEO services lack quality?

    No. Even though we offer affordable Local SEO services and packages, it doesn’t mean we compromise on the quality. Our Local SEO strategy follows strict guidelines while doing local directory submission, business listing, and social media citations.

    Can you do local SEO for law firms?

    Yes. We understand that 80% of people who seek legal assistance first use the internet to find suitable attorneys. Hence, we offer local SEO services to law firms.

    How soon can local SEO results start showing up?

    It usually takes up to 2 to 4 months for your business to start yielding results of local SEO. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results will only get better due to the frequent customer interaction on the web.

    Can local SEO increase sales and footfall?

    Yes, through local SEO, you’re providing Google signals about your business and its offerings. Local SEO is instrumental when customers search for your business online. Securing a high rank in the local search will result in a better chance of increasing sales and footfall.

    Can you do local SEO for e-commerce and small business websites?

    Definitely! We can do local SEO for e-commerce and small business websites. Our best SEO packages are suitable for all kinds of businesses.

    Can you do local SEO for dentists and doctors?

    Yes. We do local SEO services for dentists and doctors as well. We found that US citizens spend 80% of their health expenditure on doctors located within 20 miles from the location they live. So, it’s essential for doctors to appear to show up on Google.

    Why should you choose the best local SEO company to grow your business?

    If you’re someone who is searching for “local SEO companies near me” or “best SEO companies for small business,” you have landed on the right page. We at Stan Ventures offer end-to-end local SEO solutions for local business owners. We have cherished experience in SEO for over a decade now, and we’re all set to fulfill your local SEO requirements.


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    Apart from providing the local business listing, our local SEO services proved beneficial in boosting the business among competitors far better than ever.

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    The primary purpose of our SEO services is to attract new customers to your proposed website. We make this possible by broadly listing your business using practiced SEO tactics.

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    Before initiating any SEO project, we promise to give our 100% to each aspect and facilitate the business by bringing massive users to all the targeted website pages