• 49% of customers use the internet to search for a product before buying it.
  • 79% of customers trust organic search results to find details of a product.
  • 2 teens out of 3 make their purchases online, and they use their mobile phones to buy a product online.
  • 79% of online shoppers who are dissatisfied with a particular E-Commerce site are less likely to buy from that site again.


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    Do you own a Ecommerce store?

    SEO for Ecommerce stores is challenging. Ecommerce stores have thousands of products that keep on changing from time to time. Optimizing each and every product page to rank high on search engines is a time taking and high effort task. Running a business is a full-time job in itself, leaving very little or no time to work on the actual product or service. This can be overwhelming for business owners. What if a trusted Ecommerce SEO service provider can take care of the optimization needs of your Ecommerce store?
    This is where “Simple Intelligent Systems” fit in.


    Before starting working on an SEO strategy for your Ecommerce website, we try to understand your business. We study deep into what your products are, what are your vision and values, your targeted audience, your challenges and your USP. This information helps us in finding the best ways to reach your customers. In our SEO process, we carry out an extensive SEO audit of your existing website. This is how we find out the loopholes in the structure of your website. The next step is development of a well-researched SEO strategy for your business requirements. It involves intensive keyword research, studying your competitors and their websites and optimizing your website for category level pages as well as specific product pages.
    Then we support the strategy with offpage tasks to build relevant backlinks. This is supplemented with Social Media and Newsletter campaigns. This is how we bring relevant and qualified traffic to your website. In short, based on extensive research we create an SEO strategy to present the best version of your website. We create attractive content (both for humans and bots), increase the visibility of this content, perform the technical and coding inspection to remove glitches, and ultimately provide traffic and conversions for your ECommerce website.

    Take your Ecommerce SEO campaign to the next level.

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    Why choose our Ecommerce SEO Services

    • Transparent and ethical work practices
    • Integrated digital marketing approach
    • Website structure optimisation
    • In-market keyword targeting
    • Well versed with multiple platforms
    • Authoritative link building campaign and reporting
    • Multiple Projects handled in different niches
    • Quality content marketing
    • Fair and Competitive pricing
    • Integrated analytics processes



    How do I decide the suitable keywords for my ecommerce campaign?

    We will help you in finding the most suitable keywords for your campaign. Our research takes into account a number of factors such as search volume, competition, trends, relevancy etc. before we present a list of keywords to you for final selection.

    How does Google personalise my results?

    Google keeps on tracking what you have searched for. Even when you have not signed it, then too Google keeps an eye on your searched and results. Over time, Google will build a pattern of your preferences. For example, if you always click on WebMD for your health-related searches, then you will get more WebMD results for your health-related search.

    In short, what are the advantages of an Ecommerce site for a buyer?

    Ecommerce websites offer a fast and economical way to shop for various products and services. You can easily visit different Ecommerce web stores to compare the best rates of a particular product. If you find the deal attractive you order that product then and there without visiting the physical store.

    How can I create an impressive website?

    An impressive website is the one that loads fast, holds the attention of its users, looks professional and is user-friendly. If you have the e-commerce store make sure users are able to search for relevant product and place orders without facing bottlenecks and within the shortest span of time.

    What things I have to keep in mind with an Ecommerce site?

    Every Ecommerce site owner should be concerned about confidentiality, availability, and sincerity. He or she should develop the strategy by which the site is safe from hackers. The hackers should never gain access to the confidential data of the user. Use encryption methods for any data transaction.

    How can I convert the users visiting my website into customers?

    Make your website sales oriented and not marketing oriented. Allow the visitors to see your products as soon as they arrive on your site. Your website’s navigation should lead and help them visitors in finding relevant information quickly. The website should make use of intuitive User Interface. Don’t forget to give your contact details and explain your terms of use, return policy, payment options and shipping clearly.



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