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Unquestionably, all businesses desire a high ranking of their website on Google. Simple Intelligent Systems caters to all your requirements of SEO campaigning, and we assure maximum traffic, leads, and sales to you at modest prices.

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    • We offer affordable SEO to rank high in search results.
    • We focus on targeted organic search results for future customers.
    • SEO specialists and experts in India complete the research phase.
    • SEO Content is written and proofread by native content writers and editors.
    • 24×7 Live Support.


    Different industry segments have benefited from our experience of generating high rankings in search engine results. Simple Intelligent Systems works as a  team of highly experienced and qualified SEO consultants, marketers, and copywriters who are very competent in boosting your website rank.

    Simple Intelligent Systems has a lot to offer:

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    We perform Market Analysis & Keyword Research.

    Our team researches the marketplace to identify the most appropriate keywords for your website.

    We offer Competitive Intelligence

    Our team is all about the marketplace to know everything about your competitors and exploring more and more opportunities within the marketplace.

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    We perform Auditing and Optimizing of websites

    We study the structure and other vital elements of a website to optimize its functioning.

    Content Development & Promotion

    We have a team of native content-writers and proof-readers that prepare extremely engaging content and help connect with your customers.

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    Building high-quality links

    The team at Simple Intelligent Systems promote building links effectively onto a website so that your website has a trustworthy and authoritative appeal to the visitors. Link building helps driving traffic and increasing conversion rate.

    Reporting and Analysis

    Simple Intelligent Systems has earned a reputation of accomplishing the task of SEO in a very systematic manner. We furnish detailed analysis and monthly report on your campaign’s performance and optimize it further to ensure continuous growth in conversion rates.


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    What is meant by SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of employing strategies and techniques to help a page appear on the first page in the search results. SEO  helps a web page rank better in search engine results so that more visitors convert to customers.

    Why is SEO traffic essential for a website?

    SEO is the best source of organic traffic. Some of the essential facts about why SEO traffic is imperative for a website are:

    • 93% of people search use search engine for searching on the web.
    • 75% of people never scroll to the second page of researched results.
    • 80 % of people hit on organic results in searches.

    Why are SEO services essential for my website?

    Ranking on the very first page of Google is not a child’s play. There is a countless number of businesses, all striving to hit on the first page! Only the ones that are remarkably favorited by visitors can do so. Such fierce competition requires the role of expertise.

    Simple Intelligent Systems has a team of brilliant SEO specialists that help you improve your ranking organically. Hence we help you with a high conversion rate for your brand.

    What qualities make you a better choice than other SEO companies?

    Simple Intelligent Systems possesses a  team whose skills have sharpened over the years with experience.

     We maintain an everlasting relationship with all our esteemed customers through our services even after we have completed our SEO project with them. We stand behind our results.

    Does your team guarantee safe and ethical services for websites that are new?

    Whether new or old, your website is entirely in the safe hands of our SEO specialist team. We practice ethical and safe techniques in optimizing sites to promote brands all over the globe!

    What is meant by a design that is "search engine friendly"?

    The design of a website is very crucial as it affects almost all ranking factors. For example, if a design appears flashy and not easily navigable, it is abandoned by a visitor. A search engine friendly site is one which bears a design making it accessible across multiple devices.

    How soon will my website appear in the top search engine results of Google?

    Search engine optimization is a continuous process of employing strategies and techniques, and therefore, we cannot stipulate in advance the exact date of completion of our SEO project.  On an average, it generally takes a time of three months for your page to rank on Google, and traffic eventually starts pouring in.

    When can I expect to see improvements in website ranking?

    It is difficult to predict the exact time when you can expect a change in your website rank. It takes a few days, to several months because before commencing the task of SEO, our team has to go through some initial homework. It studies the current status of your website, how responsive it is, whether the content is up to the mark or not, the rate of visiting the website, and many other relevant issues. Hence we can say that SEO takes time in showing results.

    Why do many top-rated websites have very little content?

    The content requirement varies for different kinds of websites. Product-based websites have very little content, mainly offering products. Well-established websites deliver a top rank by mere generic keywords. Their brand awareness alone can fetch thousands of natural links to their website.

    Why is outsourcing my SEO important?

    SEO  is not a simple task. It requires a team to work upon the aspects of web development, design, content framing, and marketing it digitally. Simple Intelligent Systems has an extremely technical and talented team that has experience of catering to all these aspects under a single roof.

    What is the criterion behind the selection of keywords?

    Keywords are the core of SEO. The task of selecting the most appropriate keywords require the study of search queries, keyword relevance check, competitor analysis, and the like — Simple Intelligent System hunts for the best keywords that can drive maximum traffic for your products and services.

    Which of your team-mates work on my website?

    At Simple Intelligent Systems, all tasks, be it web designing, SEO, or any other task, we have specialists with all the requisite skills for their assigned tasks. We do not work with amateurs.   Only our skilled professionals work for our clients.
    If you require your site to be revamped and have a new look, extra  charges are required.

    When do you report?

    Simple Intelligent Systems evaluates the performance of a website weekly. We assimilate all the reports and furnish a consolidated report monthly.

    What is SEO? Explain its functioning?

    Promoting your website is extremely important. Millions of people make use of search tools to search the web for different products and services. The web has businesses all over the globe offering similar kind of products and services.

    Where would you stand without the intervention of search tools?

    Without SEO, your website remains unnoticed. All your business goals are drained off! Here comes the role of SEO. SEO helps in promoting your website by analyzing the market for you and using appropriate strategies and techniques best suitable for your business.

    What are the benefits of SEO?

    There are innumerous benefits of using SEO. A few of them are:

    1. It produces results that are low in cost when compared to Google Adwords and PPC advertising.
    2. SEO increases the traffic to your site, and more traffic implies higher sales and revenue.
    3. Your website ranks high. Its credibility in the market increases.
    4. It yields a better ROI than the traditional modes of advertising.
    5. SEO helps you keep pace with your competitors.
    6. SEO offers a long-time solution to your website rankings.
    7. An SEO team has a backup of a skilled team round the clock.

    Does SEO bear any relationship with the Search Engines?

    SEO companies do not bear any relationship with search engines. Companies which claim to be related are just making false claims about their ability to rank high.
    Search Engines deliberately dismiss relationships with businesses so that the deals are fair.

    How is ranking on the first page guaranteed by you?

    Simple Intelligent Systems has a team of extremely experienced, knowledgeable, and talented SEO experts. Our priced possession instills confidence in us that we deliver our best.

    Can Smart SEO offer me the results according to my needs?

    Simple Intelligent Systems has an impressive portfolio of the work that it has already accomplished for its clients. We have all happy and satisfied clients, which is evidence enough of the fact that we delivered according to their needs and requirements. So yes, Smart SEO yields results according to your needs!

    What Can Simple Intelligent Systems Offer Me?

    Our esteemed clients enjoy plenty of benefits when they connect with us. Some of them are:

    1. First page ranking on Google
    2. SEO Services at modest prices
    3. Improved ROI
    4. Better rate of conversion
    5. A higher number of leads
    6. Increased Organic traffic
    7. Improved Brand Recognition and reliability in the brand

    I already employ PPC advertising. Do I still need SEO?

    Yes, more than 80% searches rely on SEO listings rather the PPC  listings. Moreover, PPC advertising is a costly affair, and its benefits do not last very long. Once you stop paying for it, your benefits also fade away. It is not so with an SEO campaign. You continue to avail the benefits even after making the payment.

    How do I formulate my marketing budget?

    Knowing your budget is very crucial before you can start on anything. You need to know your ROI. Online marketing generates more traffic to your site, increasing the conversion rate, fetching higher revenue. Online marketing is a constant demand for businesses. The results your provider guarantees should justify your marketing budget.

    How do I optimize my site in the best possible manner?

    There are many online marketing techniques and strategies that can be used in combination while employing SEO — doing this yields the best possible results for your business.

    Am I Restricted on Keywords?

    The number of keywords that you should use for your site varies with many factors. It depends on the requirements of your website, indexed pages, the budget allocated, and the domain authority. With the evolution in business, the requirement of the number of keywords may also vary to include long-tail keywords also.
    Simple Intelligent Systems can help you out in sorting your quest for the number of keywords required.

    How do backlinks affect my rankings?

    Backlinks are very beneficial for your website ranking. Search engines respond favorably towards websites that have backlinks. People believe that a site that has many backlinks can satisfy visitors better.  

    What number of backlinks should I have?

    Acquiring backlinks is a gradual process. They are earned in due course of time and should come from reputed sites. It is a continuous, natural process of relationship building, PR, and furnishing content that is unique. Hence there is no ideal number of backlinks for your website.

    What are Meta Description tags and Page Titles?

    Meta Descriptions and Page titles of a URL are a summary of the entities that are a part of the URL. These need continuous optimization for a high rank on Google. Through Meta Description tags, browsers come to know about the content of a particular site. Hence Meta Description tags should contain enticing text to entice visitors to click.

    How does Google view my site?

    Google Webmaster Tools is a free  Google tool that helps site optimization by checking the indexing status.  The tools let the webmasters check sitemaps, tracks pages linked to the site. It also views the statistics related to how Google crawls the site. Every website must have Webmaster’s tools if it expects optimization.

    What is meant by Google Analytics?

    Google Analytics is a tool that keeps a complete track of visitors. It keeps a daily record of the number of visitors, the pages that they visited, and the amount of time that they stayed on a particular site. All this data helps improve the performance of websites by optimizing them.

    How Do I Avoid Google Penalties?

    Simple Intelligent Systems uses techniques that are safe and ethical, and we keep complete transparency of what we are doing. So there is no risk of penalties.

    Why Does SEO Have Recurring Costs?

    SEO is a very competitive industry. A single search allows only ten sites to appear on the page and if you wish to appear as one of these listed sites, you need to keep pace with the growing competition. Content on the website as well as on the linked pages needs continual updating. The list of keywords also needs to get continuously replenished to avoid stagnation. Hence, the need for SEO every month and the recurring cost thereof.

    Can I make use of Automatic Link Building?

    Google has restricted the use of Automatic Link Building. Link Building is acceptable only organically. All the sites that are using unnatural links are subject to penalty.

    How can Social Media be used for SEO?

    Social Media is an excellent medium for SEO campaigning.
    You can mention links to the pages of your website, press releases, and articles on social media. Social medium helps you stay connected with your loyal customers.

    Why does my company need Reputation Management?

    All kind of business is vulnerable to negative feedbacks and reviews. You need to be constantly aware of such reviews and have it removed. Hence Reputation Management assumes immense importance for your company.


    Simple Intelligent Systems has an experienced team. It has mastered the art of website development and digital marketing for over a decade now. Our portfolio of satisfied clients is evidence enough of the trust and confidence that we have earned from them over the years. Our relationship with them speaks volumes about the quality and transparency that we offer.
    So, we look forward to augmenting our extensive list of clients, and wishfully desire an association with you!