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Data mining is the computer-assisted process of digging through and analyzing enormous sets of finance, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and marketing sector data and then extracting “valuable information” out of that data. Based on this information, data mining professionals can predict behaviors, market patterns, future trends and customer relationships that allow businesses to make proactive, knowledge-driven decisions.  Data Mining is also a very effective tool for lead generation.

At Simple Intelligent Systems, we realize that organisations are in desperate need of trained resources and technical expertise to extract valuable information out of their enormously consumed data. This inspires us to offer full-fledged data mining services to help businesses in interpreting data accurately so that they can make informed business decisions, improve their operational processes, and enhance customer satisfaction.

We have qualified and experienced data analysts in our team to help manage and extract relevant information from data of any size, from almost any industry in a timely and cost-effective way.

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We follow standard rules of data mining right from classification, clustering, and regression to pattern recognition. This allows us to solve complex business problems by revealing patterns that cannot be detected by standard online analytical processing (OLAP) and query tools.

Our data mining services include –

Social Media Data Mining

Our social media data mining services are focused on analyzing global communication patterns and real-time human behavior.
We have data analysts who filter millions of posts, user profiles, interactions, and metadata from social media channels(Facebook, Instagram), micro-blogging platforms(Twitter), professional social networks(LinkedIn) and blogs to analyze trends and to find sales leads. These leads, trends and patterns are vital to the client’s business interests.
Our social media data mining services include –


  • Contact Information Data Mining
  • Real-time and Historic Data mining
  • Social Data Mining

Web Data Mining

We have technical expertise to extract data from internet sources such as web pages, emails, online databases etc. according to specific requirements of clients’ businesses. The comprehensive web data collection is done with advanced data mining tools that are appropriate for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

PDF Data Mining

We make use of macros to help clients by extracting information from PDF documents and scanned images.

SQL Data Mining

Our SQL data mining services can help clients by creating massive databases of information for modeling. We use multiple automated and manual SQL data mining techniques for varying requirements of clients.

Image Data Mining

We provide offline image data mining services that help in examining large image databases. This information is generally required in medical applications, criminal investigation, weather forecasting and geosciences.

Word and Excel Data Mining

These services are generally used for medical and scientific research, financial transactions and legal matters. We extract and analyze data from huge amount of text available in Microsoft Word, databases or in printed form.
We can also create or take data from existing database and apply different formulas according to the needs of clients.

Online News and Information Research

We help small and medium-sized businesses better understand their branding efforts by extracting and analysing large volumes of data from trusted online news sources.



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Why choose SIS’s Data Mining Services

Regardless of the client’s industry or size, our data mining, and data analytics professionals are bound to deliver positive outcomes.

Here is what set us apart from most of our competitors.

  • Specialized hardware and software to comprehensively analyse millions of rows of data
  • Skilled data mining practitioners and specialists who possess a great deal of data management and statistical analysis skills,
  • Cost-effective services, with almost 50% savings in operational costs
  • Safe outsourcing experience, backed-up by stringent information security policies and practices
  • Multiple delivery formats for Data mining reports, including PDF, Excel, XML, PowerPoint presentation, etc.
  • Sticking to the specified turnaround time without any loss in quality