Having the right knowledge is not always enough. Coupled with skills, one has to apply this knowledge to be able to create a masterpiece. This is equally true when it comes to web design and development. While it is easy to learn the basics about HTML and CSS concepts, implementing them to produce a perfect website with the perfect design is another thing.

HTML, or hypertext mark-up language, is a programming language used to create websites and web pages. CSS, or cascading style sheets, on the other hand, is a style sheet language used to present a design or layout on a page. Both HTML and CSS technologies have made a revolutionary impact in the way people use the World Wide Web. At Simple Intelligent Systems, these services are among our expertise with respect to HTML/CSS.

Some of HTML and CSS features we provide are:

  • Doctype declaration
  • Specialized HTML coding
  • Quick loading time
  • SEO semantic coding
  • Consistently formatted, properly commented, and validated code
  • Clean and consistent naming conventions
  • Creation of meaningful and keyword-rich title tags
  • Creation of meaningful and keyword-rich meta description and meta keywords
  • Optimized images and pages
  • Utilization of XHTML features for the layout’s better performance
  • Vibrant experience of CSS application
  • Use of external CSS for a more search engine-friendly interface
  • Use of descriptive file and code names that reflect the purpose or description of each element
  • Use of specific selectors and/or selector inheritance, if necessary
  • Use of div commands to divide pages layout into major sections
  • Minifying and unifying CSS
  • Minifying, unifying, and moving down JavaScript
  • Integration of Flash and JavaScript files
  • Separation of content from presentation
  • Use of web forms and proper fieldset and labels
  • Comprehensive and well-defined website architecture
  • Modular IE fixes
  • Multiple browser compatibility

If you or your organization is in need of a professional team that is skilled and competent in providing HTML/CSS implementation solutions for your brand.