Web development has greatly evolved since it has started several years back. And its growth and development have been significantly noticeable. To prove this, a lot of intricate and modern technologies have been popping up to accommodate different applications in the industry.

One of the web programming languages that have revolutionized web development is PHP. A recursive acronym for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor, PHP is an open-source scripting language that is widely used for many applications as it can be embedded into HTML. It is also feasible, flexible, and cost-effective, hence is popular among many web developers.

Composed of dedicated and skilled PHP web development experts, Simple Intelligent Systems takes advantage of the ample benefits and opportunities brought by PHP. It actually allows our developers to produce excellent results and high-quality development solutions that are favoured by many of our clients and match many types of business applications. With the almost limitless possibilities of PHP, we can cater to any requirement and request of our clients.

Below are some of the PHP web development features that we boast of:

  • Clean and readable codes
  • Consistently formatted and properly commented codes
  • Type casting and explicit type conversions
  • Correct and complete tagging
  • Cache database-driven pages
  • Use of caching scripts and systems
  • Encrypted passwords
  • Cookie data validation
  • Code profiling
  • Banner and button ad management
  • Use of database visualization design tools
  • Custom back-end development
  • Custom content management system
  • Modifications to existing code based on PHP, AJAX, or MySQL
  • Accurate custom analytic reporting
  • Technical documentation


If you or your organization is in need of a professional team that is skilled and competent in providing PHP web development solutions for your brand, contact us. We would love to assist you in any way we can!