Being the most prominent JavaScript library, many web developers utilize the jQuery library in creating dynamic effects, animations, and Ajax functionality on websites. However, jQuery plugin is not as popular as its UI counterpart. Not many developers dig deep into development of jQuery plugins.

The basic concept that encapsulates jQuery plugin development is reusing previously utilized codes. It creates components and elements that can be used again on another web page. These codes are compressed; hence you can be sure that you are using the same functions and names elsewhere.

At Simple Intelligent Systems, we take time to master and delve into the depth of jQuery plugin development. We see the potential it brings to making websites and applications more meaningful, flexible, and hardworking. Below is what you can expect from us when we develop jQuery plugins.

  • Adherence to the jQuery best practices and core style guidelines
  • Proper naming in the jQuery namespace
  • Proper version control numbers
  • Default parameters and HTML parameters
  • Metadata plugin support
  • Setting proper closure
  • Controlled plugin behaviour
  • Public access to default plugin settings
  • Public access to secondary functions
  • Keeping private functions private
  • Well-documented code
  • Properly tested and evaluated

Our experienced web developers can help you with your plugin development needs. Whether you are optimizing an existing web application or simply starting a new project, we can take advantage of the capability and flexibility of jQuery to develop plugins for your project. We take pride in years of experience of using jQuery and we will continue to use it in developing more applications that require its dynamic behavior. We provide a wide array of jQuery development solutions that will definitely help in boosting your web business and applications.


If you or your organization is in need of a professional team that is skilled and competent in providing jQuery plugin development solutions for your brand, contact us. We would love to assist you in any way we can!