Client Brief:

Ami Mariscal is a serial entrepreneur of over 15 years who has a genuine passion and clear cut vision for holistically equipping small business owners to become happy, prosperous and vital members of our global society. In her relentless pursuit of this cause, she has culled through millions of dollars of research, hundreds of books and tons of online courses only to discover is that there is very little available for small business owners trying to figure out the big picture of their sales and marketing strategy. To fill this desperate need Ami has developed comprehensive services, and a scalable business model that not only supports business owners, but that invites and equips people from all walks of life to be happy and prosperous as well.

Our Endeavor:
We enabled the default feature to the existing dashboard section so that the users can easily get access to the panel by entering the login credentials. We also added multiple tabs for the contact display, profile section, and messaging section. As required, we also changed the layout of the dashboard page and profile section. We also added the sidebar for all pages of various tabs to smoothen the user experience.

Based on the client’s requirement we have developed the Quote engine for the small Business. User can describe goals and/or the challenges your company faces right now.

Businesses can also create and modify their company profile on the sites.