We recently launched a new website https://michaelmarans.art/ for our client Michael Marans. The website is dedicated to showcasing his artwork and promoting his art exhibitions.

The website features a clean and modern design, with a focus on highlighting the artist’s work. It also includes an easy-to-navigate gallery section, where visitors can browse through different collections of Michael’s artwork. In addition, the website is ecommerce enabled allowing visitors to purchase Michael’s art work in various  forms and sizes.

Client: Michael Marans. (michaelmarans.art)


When Michel initially approached us, he had a strong vision for his website. He wanted a platform that would not only showcase his artwork but also serve as an online store for potential customers to purchase his pieces. As an artist, Michael envisioned the store to reflect his personal style, including the design, layout, color scheme, UI and UX.


To meet Michael’s requirements, we designed a website with a minimalistic yet modern aesthetic. The use of white space and high-quality images allowed for Michael’s artwork to be the focal point of each page. The color scheme was kept neutral to complement the vibrant and diverse range of artwork on display. We also implemented a responsive layout, ensuring that the website looks great on any device.


The ecommerce aspect of the website was an important feature for Michael. We tailored WooCommerce to craft a shopping experience akin to visiting an art gallery.  The Ecommerce store offers various purchasing options and is integrated with secure payment system, making it easy for visitors to purchase his artwork directly from the website.

The store offers a range of print sizes and formats, providing customers with diverse options tailored to their preferences.


In addition to the website design and ecommerce integration, we also assisted Michael with setting up various social media accounts to promote his artwork. These include Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where he can share updates on his latest exhibitions, behind-the-scenes shots of his creative process and new pieces added to the store.

We also provided Michael with training on how to manage and update his website and manage website orders using a simple and user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), allowing him to easily add new artwork or make changes as needed without any technical knowledge.


Since its launch the website has became a powerful tool for brand promotion, customer engagement, and revenue generation. The clean and modern design has been well-received by visitors, while the easy-to-use ecommerce store has made it convenient for customers to purchase his pieces. The website serves as a valuable tool for promoting Michael’s Art and reaching a wider audience.

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