When you talk about business marketing there are many terms on people’s lips these days. The risk comes in when you use some of them interchangeably and you don’t realize the value each feature can have for your business. This easily happens when talking about ‘brand’, ‘branding’ and ‘logo’, so let’s clarify a few facts and show you how to complement the one with the other.

Simply put, your logo is not your brand. A logo is an emblem or typographic mark that represents your business. When it comes to your brand, the term actually refers to the overall image others have of your business. Your brand is all about your values and how others perceive you.

In light of this, branding is not simply placing your logo on various items. It’s a much more elaborate process of showcasing who and what you are as a brand. The goals of branding would be to improve you brand awareness and spark trust in your audience when they come across anything related to your business. This can be:

  • Seeing one of your products
  • Noticing your logo on a poster
  • Talking to your employees
  • Browsing your website

Your logo is one role player in your branding campaign. Now the question is, how do you use it effectively, especially in the current market?

5 Original Ways to Use Your Logo for Branding

Of course it’s wise to use your logo in as many places as possible, traditional tactics include using business card logos as your brand identity; use logo on your printed media, your website and corporate vehicles. This helps your audience get used to it so they easily recognize it, remember it and start trusting anything related to it. But in 2020 there are new ways of utilizing it that you need to add to your existing strategy. Have you considered boosting your brand with these techniques?

1. Custom Packaging is All the Rage

When consumers pick up products you may be surprised to know that it’s not only the item inside the packaging that can impress them. The customer experience starts with the wrapping or container and adding your logo to it can enhance your brand message.

One example is by using biodegradable products for packaging. When you add your logo to it, anyone seeing the package will know you’re trying to be more eco-friendly. In a society where there’s a big movement towards minimizing our carbon footprint, this can go a long way in sparking respect for your brand.

2. Place it on TRENDING Promotional Items

Giving out promotional items will probably never go out of fashion and it’s a powerful way to get your name out. You can share pens, writing pads or branded hats, but we suggest you rethink where you invest your capital before you place your next order. Browse your options and look for more trendy options that fit into the lifestyle of your target audience, for example:

  • Water bottles with filters, for a society that’s always on the go.
  • Bio degradable coffee cups for business people who start their day with their favorite drink, but also care about sustainable living.
  • Quality corporate clothing instead of T-shirts. This shows you value a professional approach and if the items are impressive enough, customers would be honored to wear them.
  • A solar powered power bank to distinguish your brand from everyone else dishing out free USB flash drives.

When you pick the right promotional items you set yourself apart from the crowd of competitors who are all gifting pens. This shows your attention to detail, your audience appreciates that you care about their real needs and you have a bigger chance of being remembered.

3. Create an App

If you want to show that you’re moving with the times, your company needs to build an app. Consumers love it because they have 24/7 access to your information, without even browsing online. This is easier than you think, since there are many online platforms where you can design one yourself or ask experts to assist.

When you have an app with your logo as part of the app’s icon, your brand can travel to anyone’s mobile phone, simply by sharing a link.

4. Animate it

You’ll use your logo on your website and social media profiles of course but improve your impact by animated logos. You can use it in explanation videos or simply to attract attention when someone opens your pages.

5. Brand Your Presentations

The digital era also means that you no longer share your business presentations on paper. You’re more likely to talk about it on a webinar or video conferencing call, showing slides while you speak. Make sure every slide contains your company logo. If someone shares the file with anyone, there must be no question where those excellent ideas came from.

Don’t hold back! There are multiple places where you can share your logo, boost your branding campaign and move ahead of the competition. It’s time to get creative.

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