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Bigcommerce Developers

Here are some SEO tips for your Bigcommerce shop to get you begun.

1: Do Appropriate Keyword Research

Google provides an exciting and user-friendly tool to make this process much less confusing—the AdWords Keyword Planner. Just log on, add a few phrases or words that describe your ecommerce store. You will also have long-tail keywords, which are typically keyword phrases versus individual keywords which offer a greater chance of ranking, but they also allow you to target shoppers uniquely individually.

2: Know Who Your Competition Is

One of the most neglected facets to optimizing a website is the failure to review what the game is already ranking for. The simplest method to do this is to go to Google and type in the particular keyword you want to target. Now, look at the list of pages that opens up. Now look for terms that have a somewhat high volume of searches and nearly few competitor websites shouting for traffic from the same search term.

3: Add Alt Images to Each Product Photo

When it comes to building ideal Bigcommerce SEO conditions, you also have to understand that search engines are mostly blind in that they see only text and not images. To boost your rankings, it is important that every image—including product photos, marketing banners, and others—have keyword-optimized tags included.

4: Keep It Relevant, Up to the point

When it comes to Bigcommerce SEO, stuffing your site with irrelevant keywords is a big no-no. Thus, it is essential to choose one or two keywords per page that appropriately describe what you’re selling, who you are, and what your label is all about.

5: Never Use Duplicate Content

When you have lots of products, it can be quite fascinating just to use product description and content which is given to you from the producer. Do not do this as search engines will find the same content on your site as a competitor who carries same products and the manufacturer’s website itself.

6: Remember Your META Titles and Summaries

META is a pretty vital component of organic search optimization. Make sure your META page titles and descriptions include one or two appropriate keywords. You will also want to ensure you build a unique and appealing META description, as this is what seems on the actual search engine page and inspires shoppers to click on your link versus another.


Overall, BigCommerce is a solid and reputable online store builder.  There are many elements which make BigCommerce ideal for you if you are starting an online business store. A broad range of helpful, practical e-commerce features and tools, integrating many social channels and BigCommerce Apps to add more / extend functionality to your online shop. Now your chase for the best BigCommerce development company is over. We provide the excellent BigCommerce developers to enhance your online business store.

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