The landing page retains the visitor and provides accurate, logical information, usually, something that pertains directly to the keywords searched or about the theme of the page and not about the entire website. For this reason, landing pages for your website should be designed professionally. Professionally designed landing pages help in conversion rate optimization.

A website’s landing page is the backbone for any marketing campaign’s success.

Landing pages usually are of the following type:

a) Lead generation pages

Lead generation landing pages are used to capture information from a website’s visitors. Information such as name and email address are typical examples of the information picked up by lead generation landing pages.The marketers can then use this information to connect with the visitors and to convert them into clients.Tools such as A/B testing and buyer analysis help ensure landing pages provide optimal conversion.A clear message about the website’s products and the benefits offered to the visitors are vital to the success of landing pages.

Following are some examples of smart lead generation landing pages.

lead generation landing pages

This page stands out for the following reasons:

  1. Discount offer displayed on the top of the page.
  2. Time limit for the offer has been enforced to create an urgency for action.
  3. USP’s listed in bullet points.
  4. Trust seal from “McAfee” & “30 day money back guarantee” work to boost buyer’s confidence on the offer.
  5. Simple and to the point web form ensures that the buyer can complete the transaction with the least difficulty.

b) Transactional Landing pages

Transactional landing pages (also known as click through pages) are designed to direct visitors towards a lead generation page. Transactional Landing pages link to the final landing page.

Transactional landing pages are frequently used to create e-commerce funnels. A typical usage scenario will be to define a product or service in detail to draw the attention of website visitors and to boost trust. Brands or products that are trusted by people are the ones that generate sales.

click through pages

Key notes from the above example

  1. Clear call to action.
  2. Short and to the point content ensure the focus of the visitor is not lost.
  3. No elements around call to action button make it stand out.
  4. Simple and attractive color scheme.

Home page serving as the landing Page

Homepage of a website is designed to give an idea about the overall purpose of the website. Recent trends show that 60% of the overall traffic on a website accesses the home page. This opportunity should not be left unutilized to maximize your website conversion. Professional web development services Include Optimized Landing page concept,Following are some tips to turn a website’s homepage into a great landing page.

  1. The brand message should be very clear.
  2. Impress visitors with likes and retweets on social media.
  3. State the values behind your brand.
  4. State the benefits of products and service being offered. Leave clues about the USP’s that differenciate a product or service from its competitors.
  5. Avoid over doing things. Simple and to the point approach works best.

landing page as homepage

Advantages of using a Landing page

  1. Landing Pages are designed to help attain goals. They are directly related to the success or failure of a campaign.
  2. They are an efficient way to directly influence campaigns.
  3. A professionally designed landing page helps attain high click through rates.
  4. They provide a larger room for creativity and testing.
  5. Immediate results help you fine tune your campaign.
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