Half a decade ago, social media was a new concept on internet. Today the importance of social media in the business world cannot be challenged. Social media which was supposed to provide a virtual community for internet users have now became a channel of contact between business groups and their target audience. It has provided a space for end user to express their views with likes, comments, ratings, reviews and followers.  It’s a communication tool business groups use to find out what the end users feel about their brands.

7 Side Effects of Social Media

Role of  social media analyst’s

Social media analysts understand the cost-effectiveness of social media marketing. Low marketing expenses, increased number of generated leads and improved sales, accounts to the cost-effectiveness of social media. On average marketers spend between four and six hours on social media websites each week. While marketers do struggle with lead generation and measuring ROI on social media there is no question that social media is a critical piece marketing mix. Restaurants, Educational institutes, Artists and even software companies are using social media in creative and interesting ways to generate targeted leads.

The important question that social media marketers face on a daily basis is how to engage visitors and create catchy social media posts.

Let’s have a look some examples to understand the social media sentiments –

Example 1-

Social media sharing example

What’s good about this post?

–  The post has universal appeal and simplicity. It attracts visitors towards the brand by making use of catchy and friendly messages in conversation.

Example 2-

taking care of sentiments while social media post

What’s good about this post?

–  Good usage of image and using one of the best human sentiments to drag visitor attention that is “inspiration”.
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Example 3 –

actual references social media posts

What’s good about this post?

  • Using actual references to people is one of the best ways to seek attention of your visitors.  This post reinforces one of the top buyer sentiments “Trust”.

How to cope with buyers sentiments

– I hope seeing some successful examples of social posts have inspired you to create your own. Here are some tips from us.

• Challenge common assumptions and prove them wrong.
• Share new ideas or ways of doing things.
• Seek your client’s views about two products.
• Make a statement or assertion.
• Adding humorous statements, quotes, or images can be very effective.


– Social media marketing practices helps you create a brand’s image. It helps leverage your brand to create trust with authority thereby generating Targeted leads and conversion.

What do you think about this post? Do you have some Strategies of Social media sharing that you would like to discuss with us? We will be happy to know.
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