Backlinks have been a metric for ranking pages way back since the late 1990s for Google algorithms. Since then, the importance of backlinks has been on the rise, and it will continue to do so for years to come.

The concept behind backlinks is simple and easy to understand. When people read your content and find it of value, they link their blogs and articles to your website. More the number of links pointing to a website, more significant is its value for Google and thus higher its page rank.

So, an optimized website is similar to a treasure trove because it provides free search engine unpaid traffic to your website. Higher the number of backlinks, more the number of visitors because a heavily linked website implies excellent quality content. After all, why will people link to your piece of content in their blog? Only when your content stimulates their inner monologue!

Building backlinks is not that simple! It demands much hard work on your website to be seen and appreciated by your visitors.

Links were trivial to build some time back, but for 2022, the picture is not so rosy! The whole process requires a lot of creativity, networking, consistent hard work, and strong social skills.

….And Finally….

I hope the methods of building backlinks outlined in this article will prove worthwhile for your brand. However, these methods change with time. What works now might not work tomorrow. Innovation and consistent efforts are required for effective backlink building.

Watch out for the quality of your content and keep inserting relevant links!

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Jitin Mishra

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