Access to the Internet is increasing day by day, and people are more likely to spend their time on computers and mobile devices for their businesses. Digital marketing is on the rise and plays an important role in any business nowadays. In fact, it is overtaking traditional and regular marketing activities. A digital campaign is an inseparable part of internet marketing services that involves a detailed step-by-step approach to create online strategies to acquire new customers.

Small or medium-sized business owners might struggle to map out the process of digital marketing techniques, so we’ve listed out the key factors for a successful digital marketing campaign below.

Know what you want

Objectives vary from brand to brand, so it’s essential to decide what you want out of your digital marketing efforts. Key performance indicators are your conversions, engagements or success of content marketing. Use Google Analytics to track conversions and social media analytics to monitor the volume of your engagements. Measure the success of your content marketing with BuzzSumo tool.

Analyze your past efforts

By analyzing your plan’s past success and failures, you can focus on setting the best KPIs for your business. Choose a period you’d like to examine and set your Google Analytics calendar to match this timeframe.

Use Google’s Benchmarking Reports in your Analytics account to compare your progress to your competitors.

Use SEMrush to identify what keywords are driving the most significant volume of organic traffic to the website of your competitor. This tool also helps in comparing organic and paid traffic of various websites.

Remember who your audience is

Keep your audience at the core of your digital marketing strategy. Know the demands and satisfy them with well thought out personas. Here’s how?

Write down the age, gender and location of your target consumer if you’re targeting affordable local SEO.

Find out the problems you can help your target persona solve.

Document their emotional desires, goals, aspirations, and fears

Use ‘Audience Reports of your Google Analytics’ account to find critical characteristics of your target persona like age, gender, nature of the job, etc.

Find the people who will be of influence on them. Remember, your strategy should target these influencers.

Find out your resources

Take stock of all your resources such as your budget, digital channels, and team. It is also the best time to audit your existing digital channels and to decide what you are going to outsource. Consider the historical data to identify specific channels that brought you quality leads at a low cost.

At the same time decide for paid promotion, i.e., Adwords or paid ads on social media. For this analytics might be helpful to assess the most cost-effective channels leading to the most extensive reach and conversions and with the lowest Cost per Click.

Look at your current team and expect to achieve realistic goals from them. Ask each team member to review their digital marketing activity and come out with an idea for the future.

Review your existing digital marketing channels and decide which channels to follow and whether to invest in new ones or not. Focussing on correct channels provides you the right type of visitors on your website. This will help in getting more conversions.

Make the plan but be flexible

Though you’ve made a plan carefully, avoid sticking to it if you can’t see results. The behavior of your customers can’t be predicted, so be ready to change elements where needed.

These were a few key factors for a successful internet marketing campaign. A best local SEO Company can help you in your E-commerce based business for generating new leads and product sales.

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