Amazon Keywords Tips: What Is Keyword Research?

Amazon is a market place and consists of an in-built search engine.  Search engines work on complex algorithms. Keywords are very critical when you want to sell your products on Amazon or any other search engine.

This blog contains some handy tips to help you with keyword research and thus derive more profitability from your online store by drawing relevant traffic online.

Keywords are like shortcuts that detail an entire page. You need to study and identify consumer behavior and their journey through which they eventually buy a product. Studying consumer persona will assist you in determining the most appropriate keywords while writing the content for your product.

Strong keywords practices and product relevance

Amazon keywords are the foundation of your online store because the products that are for sale have no relevance without keywords. Products should be optimized for specific keywords. So don’t forget to ensure your important Keywords are included in your product URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions. This ensures that your products are picked up by the search engines and displayed as relevant results when people search for related content.

Amazon keywords are most important to your product title

The product title is the most critical part of your online store. Customers scan through product titles to gauge whether the product details page is of any relevance to them. The first part of the product title contains the most relevant keywords that convey what follows on the page.

Amazon keywords and the product details page

The product details page is the page where you can make all efforts to attract customers to your product. The best attributes of your product, organized in proper bulleted points, improve the chances of conversion.

What are the unique selling points of your product? Why should the customer purchase the product from you and not any other seller? Which features make the product worth a purchase?

All such questions and keywords which highlight your product and could not be placed in the product title should form a part of the product title page.

Amazon Backend keywords

Products are visible on Amazon only when the search query entered by the user matches the keywords included in the product listing. But, sometimes, a particular keyword that cannot be added to the product listing can form a part of the Amazon Backend Keywords. Amazon Backend Keywords are not visible to the user visiting the product listing page. Such keywords enhance the visibility of the product online, improving the chances of conversion.

What are the golden keywords

Golden keywords are those valuable keywords that will help you mint money for your online store by targeting on certain features like:

  • Search Intent
  • Search Volume
  • Low Competition
  • Commerciality

So while you are working on the keywords for an amazon store, these attributes of a keyword should be kept in mind.

I hope you find this blog useful in equipping you with the right Amazon keyword research strategy. Following these simple tips will help your products to achieve greater visibility, relevancy, and prospects than ever before.

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