The E-commerce industry is witnessing an impetus like never before. The web has billions and trillions of pages, which has made marketing for online stores very complicated. Hence, Search Engine Optimization has also become a challenging task.

You can review the following challenges faced by E-commerce merchants in optimizing their stores on the search engine.

1. Low-grade Content

Content is a game-changer for all kinds of websites, just as salt is to food, be it of any cuisine. The product descriptions should be able to able to entice customers. The language that you use should be according to the audience it caters to. Duplicate content is considered as low quality by Google algorithms.

One of the biggest challenges witnessed by e-commerce industries today is low-quality content. Businesses that pay little or no importance to product descriptions and details on their online stores are bound to face a setback.

Writing unique descriptions for each product can work things better for your online store.

Low Grade Content - Biggest SEO Challenges Faced By E-commerce Retailers - Simple Intelligent Systems

2. Product Pages lack proper optimization

Web stores often pay no heed to include long-tail keywords in their product descriptions. Poor keyword targeting, missing image ALT tags, lack of product reviews, and thin content are all results of improper SEO. Eventually, an online business succumbs to the lack of proper optimization of its website.

Product Page Lack Proper Optimization Biggest SEO Challenges Faced By E-commerce Retailers

3. Missing Internal links

Link Building is critical if you want your content to hold any value on the web. Without internal linking, Google will not be able to find your posts and pages. Your content should be linked to by other valuable content on the web.

A proper linking strategy helps Google to understand the relevance of pages, the relationship between the pages, and their value. If the content is excellent but not indexed and appropriately linked, your online traffic will decline.

4. Lack of keyword-relevant URL’s

URLs play a significant role in the website’s user experience, so they need to be managed efficiently. The faceted navigation model generates URL parameters that enable users to follow items in diverse categories. The categorizations complicate the task of SEO. The main issue with URL parameters is duplication of content. Site filters generate URL parameters that adversely impact the ranking of websites. New categories contain repeated content which compromises the ranking of a website.

Keyword relevant URL parameters can be achieved by:

  • Making use of proper URL parameter tools.
  • Using robots.txt of the website to disallow specific URLs.
  • Checking Meta descriptions and titles while implementing URL parameters.

5. Slow page loading speed

The biggest challenge faced by eCommerce retailers is the long-time taken by their product pages to load. The loading speed of websites higher than 3 seconds results in an increased bounce rate. Conversion declines because visitors do not like to wait. They have many other options available on your competitor’s web-stores.

Need further help with eCommerce search engine optimization? Feel free to contact Simple Intelligent Systems via email or give us a call. We look forward to serving you.

Slow Page Loading Speed Biggest SEO Challenges Faced By E-commerce Retailers

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